Our Mission

We have set out to provide Stylish Safety Shoes to a community of people that has always just dealt with the available styles.  We enjoy adding a level of style to our personal lives, so why can’t this be the case when we need to protect our feet?  Modern Safety Shoes is setting out on a journey to reinvent what Safety looks like – we welcome you to join us!

Our History

I started this company in 2019 after working 17 years in the manufacturing industry, and having an unmet vision for what Safety Shoes should look like.  In certain environments a purely functional shoe is necessary to keep your feet safe, but in many places where extreme protection isn’t needed, I believed that there had to be more stylish options out there.   I always felt that you should want to wear your Safety Shoes not just have to.  Some shoes are close to meeting this criteria, but none were really perfect in doing so.  This all changed when an auditor from Europe introduced me to a Shoe Manufacturer named ‘EMMA’ and their Business line of shoes.  This sparked the idea to bring these shoes to others who shared my vision for Safety Shoes.  After a lot of work & support from family and friends, Modern Safety Shoes became a reality.  The company has since expanded its offerings to include styles from FTG Safety Shoes – and will continue to explore Safety Toes that are stylish, functional, and comfortable.  Thank you for your support.

Andy Rutkowski

One pair of shoes for factory floor, office or restaurant

Our Business

We work with Safety Shoe Manufacturers to bring new and exciting options for Safety Shoes to the U.S.  This is done both through the website and also B2B partnerships to enhance companies’ Safety Shoe Programs.  In addition to Safety Shoes, we have added Shoe Care to our scope.  After all, these are some awesome looking shoes – you probably want to keep them looking that way!

What Do Our Customers Say?

I purchased the Blues Low steel toe shoes from Modern Safety Shoes and couldn’t be more satisfied with my purchase. Online ordering was easy, and the order arrived quickly. Great customer service answered my question about sizing. The shoes fit great and are comfortable even when I’m on my feet all day.  I often get compliments and people can’t believe they are safety shoes.