Steel Toe Shoes for the Modern World!

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UPDATE – 4/15/20

With cleanliness being of critical importance in today’s world, Modern Safety Shoes is now offering a shoe that fits perfectly with being clean. Check out the Chef White to learn more!

Safety Shoes, but Modern

Modern Safety Shoes carries multiple options of unique safety shoes that put a modern spin on foot safety.  Modern Safety Shoes started by carrying the Business line of shoes from Emma Safety Footwear from The Netherlands. Emma makes several options in this line to suit a variety of style preferences. These high-quality shoes represent the craftsmanship they’ve been delivering for 85 years.

Understanding that sometimes a more casual look is needed, Modern Safety Shoes now carries shoes from the Music Line of shoes from FTG Safety Shoes out of Italy.  FTG was founded in 1959 and has been honing their craft ever since. Shoes with cleanliness in mind have also been added to the line-up.

Regardless of the choice you make, you’ll be selecting a pair of safety shoes that would otherwise be unavailable to purchase in the U.S. 


At Modern Safety Shoes the belief is that you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your sense of style when wearing Men’s Safety Shoes.

That’s why Modern Safety Shoes is so excited to bring you some unique options that go beyond the typical selection! Never again will you need to change your shoes to go the factory floor, to the office or out after work!


All of the shoes here are steel-toed and comply with the European Standard EN ISO 20345:2011(E). If you plan to use these shoes at work, you first need to verify with your employer that these shoes meet your company’s safety requirements for steel-tipped shoes.


At Modern Safety Shoes, comfort is critical. It doesn’t matter how good a shoe looks if you can’t wear them comfortably throughout the day.  By measuring your foot length from heel to toe (while wearing your socks) you’ll be able to match this up with the sizing options for all of the shoes on this site.